Hurting Me

This was one of my original love songs recorded at Studio 52 in Melbourne. I was inspired to write this song after a discussion with Trevor Carter about my life, a situation I thought I was “over” Trevor encouraged me to write about it as he thought it would make for an interesting song about heartbreak. It was […]

EP on the way

I will be returning to the studio early 2015 to record and release a new single every  month which will also see me release 3 EP’s through out 2015. The first EP is planned for release in April May 2015. I’m extremely excited, as I will be working with Tim Carr who also produced “Letters” which […]

Just Go

I recorded this track at Studio 52 with producer Trevor Carter whilst staying in Melbourne. Although not yet released commercially I have made it available on Youtube. I wrote Just Go at a time when things were a bit rough with my group of friends. Things broke apart and I was feeling a mixture of things. Anger- […]


This is the first song I recorded while living in Melbourne, I wrote Beautiful while living in Casula NSW . The song reflects the feelings I had during this time. I wrote it after a hard day at a job I hated where it seemed like it was normal to be disrespected daily. One day after a bit too much, […]