Rosaye is at her best writing melodies and hooks resulting in songs that get stuck in your head, she is not your average run-of-the-mill singer- songwriter.

Rosaye approaches her alternative-oriented pop music like an art project, a blank canvas, she bravely and beautifully creates her music. Her songs are fresh and stand out. Her music is intense, enduring and beautiful, she is able to capture the raw and personal experiences of love and hope. Her words relate moments that are painful, tender and hopeful.

Born and raised in New Zealand, Rosaye moved to Sydney, Australia with her family at 14. She wrote her first song at 15 and was hooked on the buzz and therapy that the songwriting process gave her.

Rosaye describes herself as shy reserved but loves to write and perform. Her song writing has been described by Rick at Jamsphere magazine as “thought provoking” and “breathtakingly honest” with her voice as “having a luscious and airy quality that sounds soulful, honest and tragic all at the same time.” Her debut EP “Letters” is a step forward showing she is not afraid to follow her own path. It’s pop music with thoughtful lyrics and real emotions.

Photo’s By –  Amy Hibbard Photography

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